August 11, 2016

Gourmet Guru Grill LogoSo what’s in a Gourmet Guru grill? Our ceramic fire box distributes heat evenly so that you can grill your burgers, chicken, or steaks without losing flavor. Use the flow draft door to control airflow and retain the right amount of heat for cooking. The Gourmet Guru Grill is also equipped with convenient handles that make transporting or moving it easy.

Other features include: cast iron adjustable vent top, large reading screen stainless thermometer, hinge metal bands with ergonomic wood handles, 17" round stainless grill mesh, ceramic damper top, ceramic fire ring, and ceramic fire top.

Gourmet Guru Grill Specs


1. The ceramic Gourmet Guru is a totally different cooking experience.
2. Meats hold moisture.
3. Combines grill, brick oven and a smoker for direct or indirect cooking
4. Great efficiency of charcoal.
5. Ceramic grill cooks from all sides, not just the bottom
6. Can heat up to 700°F to sear steaks, pork chops, etc, then lower to desired cooking temperature.
Gourmet Guru Grill


Place a small mound of lump charcoal in the bottom of the fire ring.


Using a fire starter cube, light the lump charcoal and leave the lid open (do not use lighter fluid). 


Once the charcoal builds a small bed of embers close the dome and fully open the top vent.


Once you have adjusted the air flow to reach your optimal temp you are ready to place your food on the grill.

Food on Gourmet Guru Grill

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