August 05, 2016

The numbers are in and it really doesn't matter which report you read (Weber's or HPBA's), Americans are using their grills more and more every year.

Not unexpected, the 4th of July remains the #1 occasion to break out that grill, with 3 out or 4 grill owners using their grill that day. Perhaps, not as obvious, the colder days are no longer stopping grill owners from having some burgers. 30% of folks are grilling now on Super Bowl Sunday. Americans aren't shy about using their grills on Thanksgiving and New Year's Day either!

To some the data may not be such a surprise. About 75% of Americans own a grill and demand for grills continues to rise. In fact, many Americans now have more than 1 type of grill in their backyard. Check out the When Do American's Grill Infographic below and break out that grill America!

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