Affiliate Program

Fire Savage's affiliate program is managed by the clixGalore network. To earn commissions from advertising Fire Savage products on your website: 

  1. Register with clixGalore and sign-up for the affiliate program. It only takes a few minutes to register and there is no cost.
  2. Once you apply to our affiliate program and clixGalore, we review your request (most requests and approved within 48 hours). Please note that we review each request. We are interested in working with websites and blogs that have a) good quality design, b) informative, c) nothing illegal, no porn, no hate, no racism - this includes sites that you link with and d) the ability to drive traffic to our site from U.S. visitors.
  3. You receive a notification email once approved and you are ready to install the advertising banners on your website/blog. It is a simple process with detailed instructions on the clixGalore website.  You don't have to write any html code. If you have any questions or need a different banner just contact us.

Affiliate Program Highlights

  • No Cost to Join.
  • All tracking, reporting and payments are processed independently through clixGalore.
  • Sales transactions from your referred visitors are approved automatically through clixGalore (affiliate network administrator) - no delays.
  • Automatic payments to your account.
  • Fire Savage products have a high Average Selling Price (ASP).
  • Aggressive base commission.
  • Tracking is for 90 days. This means that if a visitor from your site makes an additional purchase within 90 days you will receive a repeat commission.
  • Our banner advertisements are already created. All you have to do is sign-up for our program by clicking the Join Our Affiliate Program clixGalore button below and then select the pre-made banner advertisements that you prefer for your site.  Do you need a banner that is not shown below? Send us an email that explains what you need.  We work proactively with our affiliates to help make both of us successful.




Gourmet Guru Banner

Primo Grills 250x250 Banner

Pellet Grills 250x250

Birdhouse 250x250

Weathervanes 250x250


Banner 158x40


 Affiliate Banner 468x60

banner fire pit

468x60 GIF

banner fire pit

banner fire pit

banner fire pit


Patina Banner

GIF 180x150

GIF Banner


300x250 GIF