Frequently Asked Questions

This section is separated into "Order Questions" and "Propane Patio Heater Questions".


Q: I have a question about my order. How do I get an answer?

A: Please send us an email. Include your order number (if known) or the last name used to place the order along with your question. These email questions are routed direct to our shipping team, so that you get the fastest possible answer. Please note that shipping email notices are sent to you when your shipping label is printed. If you did not receive the email, please make sure to check your spam or junk email folder. Some email systems (especially corporate email systems) filter on the word "invoice".

Q: How do I include a gift note?
A: Most of the items shipped are heavy and ship in their original packaging that is designed to prevent damage. As a result, to preserve the integrity of these packages and to not void the warranty, we cannot open the boxes to include a gift note.


Q: I'm ordering a gift and do not want the prices on the invoice. Can you exclude the prices from the package?
A: Yes, our policy is to always exclude prices on any item where the shipping address is different from the billing address.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: Most orders ship in 2-3 business days except during holidays which may take an extra 1-2 days. The amount of time it takes before you receive the order depends on 1) your shipping address and 2) the type of shipping you selected. Please see our Shipping information for more details.


Q: What is the status of my order?
A: An email is sent to you when your order is placed and an email is sent when your order is shipped. The tracking number is included in the shipping email notification. Please make sure to check your email spam or junk mail folder if you cannot find the email notifications. You can also send us an email if you have any questions. Please include the order number and if you do not have the order number, please include the full name used to place the order.




Q: What size propane tank do I need for my patio heater?
A: Full size patio heaters require a 20 lb. propane tank

Q: Does the propane tank come with my patio heater?
A: No, the propane tank must be purchased separately.

Q: Where do I purchase a propane tank?
A: Propane tanks can be purchased from most home improvement stores or a local propane supplier.

Q: How much clearance is required above my patio heater?
A: The manufacturer recommendation is three feet above the unit and two feet on each side of the unit.

Q: What is a Piezo igniter?
A: A Piezo igniter is a hammer/quartz crystal mechanism. The igniter button is pressed which causes the hammer to strike the quartz crystal, creating a spark that ignites the propane.

Q: There is a piece of foam inside the bottom of the burner assembly around the hose? Should I remove this?
A: Remove the piece of foam before assembling the head to the top of the post. The foam is in place to keep the gas hose from being cut during shipping.

Q: Can I shorten the post on my patio heater so the unit is not so tall?
A: We do not recommend altering the height of the post.

Q: Can my propane patio heater be converted to natural gas?
A: Our patio heaters are manufactured and safety certified for LPG only and we do not recommend altering them in any way. To do so could cause irreparable damage to the unit.

Q: Can I use my patio heater indoors?
A: No, LPG patio heaters are designed for outdoor use only.

Q: Can my patio heater be used on a wooden deck?
A: The heat produced by the burner will not have any impact on a wooden deck the heater is standing on.

Q: Can I use my patio heater when it is windy?
A: The manufacturer recommends using your patio heater in wind conditions less than 10 miles per hour.

Q: Will low temperatures affect my patio heater?
A: The composition of propane changes in temperatures below 40 degrees F. While the heater may function, it will not function efficiently and will produce less heat than in temperatures over 40 degrees

Q: Can my patio heater be left in the rain and snow?
A: Patio heaters are designed for outdoor use. However, leaving the heater exposed to the elements when not in use could cause the finish of your heater to deteriorate over time.

Q: What is covered under warranty?
A: The warranty is one year from the date of purchase on most patio heaters. Warranty coverage is extended to damaged parts upon delivery, and defective parts during the warranty period. It does not cover normal wear due to use and weather related damage issues.