Deluxe Stainless Steel Front Shelf (LG Series & Country Smokers)

Louisiana Grills


The Louisiana Drills Deluxe Front Shelf adds 24" x 12" of work space to you LG Series or Country Smokers grill. The stainless steel design tastefully compliments the grill. The shelf folds downwards for storage and locks securely in place for use. This model is sized to fit units with 14.5" spaced mounting holes. Includes BBQ tool hooks.

The Deluxe Front Shelf is a stainless steel shelf that fits the following Country Smoker Series Grills: CS300, CS300ss, CS450, CS570, CS680, Whole Hog, Super Hog

This shelf will also fit all LG700 grills and any LG900/LG1100 grills with 14 1/2" front mounting holes.

Please Note: for LG900 and LG1100 grills measure the distance between the mounting holes on the front of the grill to make sure they are 14 1/2" apart. There are other sizes available for the LG900 and LG1100 grills that have larger mounting hole spacings.

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