Fire Pit Art Third Rock Fire Pit

Fire Pit Art


The Fire Pit Art's Third Rock Fire Pit is a large orb that's relieved of the earth features and promotes the watery two thirds of our planet in steel. When afire, this design highlights the earths fiery inner core. 

This original design is made to order by Tennessee craftsman in the heartland of America. Constructed from heavy duty ¼ “ thick mild carbon steel and the most durable steel fire pit made anywhere.

The inner bowl has a high temperature resistant coating and comes with a 1 ½” diameter rain drain. The outer iron oxide patina is maintenance free and the fire pit can be left outside in all weather conditions. Over time and use the patina will mature and darken a few shades and then remain permanent forever. Each unique fire pit is individually numbered by the artist on an attached brass plaque.    

Fire Pit 40" Tall x 36" Wide. 275 lbs.  


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