Gourmet Guru Grill with Universal Cypress & Metal Table

Gourmet Guru Grill


The Universal table is a metal table with beautiful Cypress trim that will fit all Guru grills, as well as many other Kamado style grills. It's sturdy build will stand the test of time, and it looks great too! 

Fits Original, Deluxe and Extra Large grills.(sold separately).

Available as:

  • Cart Only
  • Cart with Gourmet Guru Original Grill
  • Cart with Gourmet Guru Deluxe Grill (offers all the same features as our Original grill, but also includes stainless steel handle, banding, hinge and a new designer stainless steel vent cap)
  • Cart with Gourmet Guru Extra Large Grill (same as Original except has a 24" cooking area)



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