Man Law Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Man Law


The Man Law Digital Instant Read Thermometer has a 5 second quick response temperature time. What's the biggest reason for dry meat on the grill? Overcooking. With this instant read digital thermometer, never overcook again.

  • Hold function
  • Wide temperature range : -49°F ~ 392°F
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto off
  • Premium grade stainless steel probe
  • Min/Max feature
  • Product size: L6.7"*W1.3"*H0.6"
  • Waterproof IPX4
  • Selectable °F/ °C
  • Sheath included
  • Battery :CR2032 X 1


  1. Clean the probe with a damp cloth before use
  2. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the thermometer
  3. ℃/℉: Press and hold ℃/℉ button to select the desired temperature unit
  4. Insert the stainless steel probe (at least 1 inch)into the meat(or beverage) away from bone to get an accurate reading of the internal temperature
  5. Wait 5 to 10 seconds to obtain accurate temperature
  6. HOLD: Press HOLD button to freeze the value on LCD display and read the temperature
  7. Backlight:To turn on the backlight,press LIGHT button
  8. MIN/MAX:Press the MIN/MAX button to check the detected minimium and maximum temperature in memory
  9. Press and hold MIN/MAX button to clear the maximum temperature in memory when LCD displays minimum value
  10. Press ON/OFF button to turn off the thermometer
  11. Clean the thermometer with a damp cloth after use

Caution DO NOT use it on oven or microwave. DO NOT place in dishwasher. DO NOT use the thermometer over the operating temperature range.

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