Plancha Grills Rio Outdoor Gas Griddle

Plancha Grills


One of the main benefits to sear grilling with the Pancha Grills Rio is its 380 sq. in. cook surface. With ample room and two individually controlled temperature zones, you can prepare multiple dishes at once, all on the same appliance.

Go ahead, feel free to multitask and entertain at the same time.


The Rio gas griddle features an angled enameled cast iron plate, which drains grease, eliminates flare-ups and allows the cook to be near guests for entertaining during food preparation. As a direct result, foods can reach a new level of taste with less saturated fat.


Unlike other grilling surfaces, Brasero are capable of reaching temperatures above 600° F, allowing food to sear in its own juices. This enables a Maillard reaction, which gives meat a more natural, distinct flavor without drying out over a grate, and allows vegetables to remain hot, crisp and loaded with nutrients.


Stainless Steel Burners 2
BTU Output 19,000
Griddle Size 380 sq. in.
Colors Brushed stainless steel
Dimensions 29"L x 18"W x 8"H
Weight 49 lbs.
Materials 430 stainless steel and enameled cast iron
Warranty 1 Year
Certification CSA
Fuel LP/Propane at 11" W.C"
Lid Hinged lid/splatter shield
Cover Fitted vinyl cover included

Plancha Grills is a brand of Brasero


  • Plancha Outdoor Griddle Cart - Thanks to dual side shelves, you’ll have access to everything within easy reach: food, cooking utensils, spices and condiments. The top shelf is designed to accommodate Coroa or Rio plancha griddles, up-to 27.5 in. max width. With its two big wheels, this outdoor griddle cart will fit anywhere you want while allowing your Plancha to shine!
  • Stainless Steel Chef Dome with 2 Stainless Steel Spatulas and Oil Sprayer - The elegant solid Chef Dome is made of stainless steel and functions as a cooking lid to keep all your dishes warm and table ready.


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