Sunnydaze Thick Cord XXL Mayan Hammock with Stand (Multiple Color Options)



The XXL Thick Cord Mayan Hammock is hand-woven from cotton giving it a soft, breathable feel. Even better, now with the stand and hammock combo you don't need to worry about where to place your hammock as you can virtually put it anywhere and move it as needed.

Because each hammock is handwoven by native Mayans, the sizes and color patterns will vary based on the individual artisan's artistic expression.

The ingenious design of handmade Mayan hammocks, including their strong, soft cotton & nylon weave, makes them the most amazingly comfortable outdoor hammocks in the world. Available in several different sizes and rich, beautiful colors.

With weaving techniques dating back to the early 15th century, native artisans hancraft pure cotton and high-tech nylon into incredible hammocks of unrivaled quality. Each mayan hammock has more than two miles of quality cord and can take an experienced weaver up to 90 hours to complete. Soft to the touch, they are incredibly strong!

For nearly 500 years, Mayan Indians have used hammocks as beds. According to The Journal of The American Medical Association, woven cotton and nylon hammocks "provide excellent back support" and are, in many ways, the "ultimate tool for RELIEVING STRESS." 

  • Stand set up size: 180" Long x 48.25" wide x 44" tall
  • Hammock Overall Size: 13'1" Long x 7'6" Width; Dimensions of the bed itself is 6'7" in length and 7'6" in width
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity of Hammock 880 lbs; Stand Capacity is 400 lbs
  • Stand is 100% tubular steel
  • Hammock Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Nylon
  • 2+ Person Hammock
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Weight approximately 56 lbs.

Select the color that is perfect for you!


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